Every business small or big needs a website, Doesn’t it? What is the easiest way to make your own website? Without a doubt, it is using a website builder.

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a graphical platform that lets you make a website with pre-made elements and templates. It makes it very simple for an end-user to make a graphically pleasing website with a click of a few buttons.


As you might have guessed by now, it is easy to make a Website with a website builder. It is also a cheaper alternative to custom designing your website. Seems too good to be true right? Yes, there are a few inherent disadvantages to using a website builder which we will discuss.

Limited SEO Functionality

One of the major problems with a website builder is that it limits the user to only functions that are available on the builder. For example, most website builders have the commonly used elements to make a website look good, but the essential elements for search engine optimization(SEO) of a website. Now you would wonder why SEO is important well if you have to get organic traffic for your website SEO is the way to go and Website Builders have very limited options when it comes to SEO functionality. All Website Builders lack advanced SEO functions which will always give advantage to a Custom Coded Website when it comes to a better rank in Search Engine.

Mobile Interface

Not only SEO functions another major flaw in a website builder is its response in Mobile view. Website traffic from Mobile Devices makes more than 60% of Website traffic. Although website builders provide mobile optimization and have inbuilt Mobile view options available. These mobile views shown on the website builder are often not accurate and hence the actual adaptability of your website on mobile devices is not as correct as possible.

Customization is not possible

A website builder uses pre-made themes and elements hence it is not easy to customize your website according to your wishes. You are forced to choose from a set of styles that are pre-decided by the developers and which hundreds and thousands of websites are already using. Even if you try to change the already existing themes the other elements and options on your website will be affected which will ultimately affect your design.

Low-quality images

As most website builders provide hosting with their plans the main problem is that they compress the pictures you upload to your website. It makes it difficult for a business to make a mark with low-quality Images. Imagine a professional photographer who builds a website using these website builders. He uploads all his pictures in High Resolution but the builder compresses his pictures to lower quality. It becomes impossible for him to fetch clients from low. Quality pictures.


Website builders run on a subscription model where you have to rely on the Monthly and Yearly subscription model to earn profits. If you have opted for a custom coded Website from a web developer you can pay just for once and you are good for a lifetime.


It is extremely difficult for a business to get leads from a website that is built using website builders. These website builders do not provide essential form building features like gathering mobile numbers etc of the visitors which makes it easier for the website to convert a visitor into a client.

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