The Covid-19 pandemic has left the entire world gripped in fear. There was a time when departmental stores could be seen sporting heavy queues. But all of it has become a thing of past as consumers are increasingly opting for the e-commerce platform to order their essentials. They are under constant fear of contracting the virus which becomes a big possibility, on visiting public places.

E-commerce industry had already been experiencing a boom as the world had been shifting to a digital platform. And Covid-19 simply added inertia to this whole process by making even the digitally adverse lot turn to online stores for ordering groceries and household staples. Future uncertainty is causing people to place bulk orders and even e-commerce giants like Amazon are finding it difficult to keep up with the surge in demand.

Apart from just basic things, customers are also ordering special protective items like hazmat suits and surgical face masks. Amazon has reported the sale of 7800 boxed face mask sets on a daily basis. Although certain online sellers are trying to wrongfully milk this situation by charging exorbitant prices, the entry of new market players is expected to strike an equilibrium between demand and supply very soon.

This shift in consumer behavior is making it necessary for all brick and mortar sellers to shift their business into the online platform for tapping in more market share. The ones who have already hopped onto this bandwagon need to prepare themselves adequately for this renewed influx of traffic. This can be done by making sure that the servers are well-equipped to balance the load. The databases also need to be optimized properly so that users can readily access the products and services they desire.

Individual nations are going to lift up this stay-at-home order once the situation comes under control. But the inherent fear of contracting the virus is going to keep families indoor except in emergency situations. This is expected to replace mall and store visit habits permanently with e-commerce modules unless a vaccine is discovered. A recent study conducted over 2200 US adults revealed that 24% of US consumers won’t feel comfortable paying visits to malls for the coming six months.

Although the world economy has taken the plunge since the spread of Covid-19 fear, things are bound to get better in days to come. This for sure has affected several sectors but has also opened up new hopes for digital business platforms that are going to define our tomorrow. So, rather than losing hope, we need to keep up our spirits and try to tap into virgin markets by riding on the e-commerce helicopter.

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