Technological Breakthrough in Web Development

The web developments have paved its way according to the current trends in the IT and technological world. The need for web development has increased with the advent of new technologies and IT platforms. Along with the increase in businesses across the globe, the requirement for website development has also increased, spreading across several spheres of technologies. To mention the current programming and scripting languages for developing a website includes Javascript, several versions of PHP, WordPress, HTML5 and CSS, Magento, Ruby on Rails, Python, integration of several APIs, Drupal, etc. These web development languages and platforms enhance the functionalities and the overall design of the websites.


Role of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS in Developing Web Applications

For web developments, the use of HTML5, Javascript, and CSS has become common for developing any kind of website apart from employing any special or updated features in it. In the current scenario, web developers are focusing on the compression of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and many other scripting languages. Therefore on using the compressed version of these languages, while searching the speed of any website will be considerably increased. Hence the web developers are on the verge of compressing the sites in a better way to enhance the website users’ experience.


Employing Magento in Web Development  

As per the recent trends in web development, e-Commerce web applications have become highly popular among online users. The Magento provides an e-Commerce platform for web developers or e-Commerce web application developers that are built on open source technology by giving the online users or merchants as control over the entire look of the website, content, as well as most importantly the functionality of their online store. Another important feature it offers for an e-Commerce application is that it provides a flexible shopping cart system. Along with these development options, it also offers powerful marketing, catalog-management tools, and Search Engine Optimization.


Integration of Chatbots in Website 

In the current scenario, the integration of Chatbots in web applications has been a new and creative concept for online usersThus Chatbots are found to be used while surfing on different websites and apps. Unlikely previous days, the Chatbots are currently intended to make creative and better by personalization. This personalization of Chatbots offers a better experience to the online website users. Since the concept appears with several marketing benefits, so it is beneficial for business websites. In the current trend, the Chatbot behaves like digital humans. With the advancement in the features of Chatbot, it feels that the users are not talking to a machine; instead, it feels that they are talking to a human only. Therefore for this advancement in feature, it has gained much popularity among the people. With the help of AI technology, the chatbots are created by the website developers. The Chatbots behave like the customer care support for the users of the website. It is one of the creative innovations integrated in the web applications for the benefit of the web users.

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